Willow Incredible Garden

The development of our incredible community garden…

The green spaces at some of our surgeries are a great opportunity for us to work in partnership with our local community to create a garden, improving the health and well-being of both our Willow Group patients, staff and the wider community. Our journey began with our first space, the Willow Incredible Garden, in the grounds of Forton Medical Centre, when the first turf was cut in the Autumn of 2022!

Hooray for the first spade (*mini-digger) in the ground!

In early October 2022, 7 volunteers and Dr Robin Harlow spent a lovely Sunday together fuelled by tea and cake.

Between them all, they kept busy with digging out the path, trimming back the trees & vegetation, and rotavating the growing area in preparation for the formal part of the garden and the raised beds.

With help from volunteers, especially mini-digger driver Dean, they were able to make a big impact.

Check out progress at www.loveoutdoors.org.uk/willowgarden

What might you like to do in the Garden?

• gardening • improve your health • sowing and growing • helping build the garden • learn with your family • meet new people • share your knowledge and skills • discuss growing your own • food prep skills • use a relaxing space • improve your wellbeing

Did you know…?

Gardening encourages mild to moderate exercise as well as providing an opportunity to grow some of your ‘five a day’. We aim to showcase how our home-grown fruit and vegetables can be used to create simple, but healthy and delicious family meals.

Willow Welly and Wellbeing Group

If you would like to volunteer in the garden, you can join the Willow Welly and Wellbeing Group.

They meet on the second Sunday of the month at Forton Medical Centre from 10am to noon.

You don’t need to have any experience, just enthusiasm.

All tools will be provided.

Springing Back

Our garden at Forton Medical Centre began to spring back to life last month thanks to our volunteers. We had help from a group of children from the local Explorers club, and even some people from Stubbington and Titchfield!

Gardening Sundays are held on the second Sunday of the month and are open to everyone in the Gosport area. You don’t need any expertise or tools, just you, your enthusiasm, and, as our next session this Sunday 12 May looks like it will be a very sunny day, a sunhat!