Patient Participation Group

One way for us to listen to our patients is via our Patient Participation Group so that you can have your say. There is a core group of patients who meet regularly with practice staff to discuss ways forward but we know there are many more people who are not able to attend the meetings who do have an important contribution to make. Therefore we are also looking for volunteers to be ‘virtual members’ of the group.

From time to time, when we have specific questions to ask, we will email out a survey to members of this representative group. We will keep our surveys brief so it shouldn’t take up too much of your time.

We aim to gather around a hundred patients in the group from as broad a spectrum as possible to get a truly representative sample. We need young people, workers, retirees, people with long-term conditions and people from minority groups.

If you are interested in joining our virtual patient group, please complete the form on this page.

You don’t need to wait for a survey to arrive if you have a burning issue. If you have a comment or idea about something you wish the Patient Participation Group to discuss, please email our Patient Experience Team

Please Note: messages sent to the PPG will be seen by members of the Patient Participation Group. Please do not send any personal, medical or confidential information.

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