Consult with a Clinician (Completing a Klinik form)

When you need our services, it’s important that you get to the right person as early as possible. Willow Group has a range of Willow Group clinicians that you can now access direct. It couldn’t be simpler – just complete a Klinik form, which will pop up on our home page (or you can click the image below).

The banner looks like this:

Klinik Online Consultations
Click to consult with Willow Group

Our friends at Klinik have created this video guide on how to complete the form.

Once we have received your information, it will be seen and triaged by a clinician who will decide the best health professional to deal with your query. You will receive an acknowledgement, normally by text message, informing you of what to expect and when, whether it be a telephone, face to face, or video consultation, a prescription, or a referral to a local pharmacy.

Our Same Day Access Service will be sent anything that is urgent for the day.

You may be asked to have some blood tests before you see someone. This enables the clinician to make a more informed diagnosis earlier on, and for you to make a better decision on.

Everything you write into the Klinik form is secure and confidential, and copied into your medical record.

PushDoctor Appointments

In addition to our in-practice GPs, we also have 169 appointments every week with our GP colleagues at PushDoctor. When you submit a query through Klinik, you may be offered an appointment with a PushDoctor GP.

These appointments are held online using a laptop or desktop computer, or a mobile device. When going to the website, or opening the app, select “For NHS”. You will not be charged to use the service.