Travel Clinic

If you’re planning to travel outside the UK, you may need to be vaccinated against some of the serious diseases found in other parts of the world. 

Please read the information available on the NHS and GOV websites to understand more about what you need to do with getting your travel vaccines.

Travel vaccinations – NHS ( [external link]

Foreign travel advice – GOV.UK ( [external link]

Travel Health Pro [external link]

We are only able to offer basic travel advice and immunisation. If you need further advice you will be advised to speak to a private provider. 

You will need to complete the “Travel Risk Assessment Form” (download from link below or collect from any of our four sites).

Please email the completed form to or return it to Reception. An initial telephone appointment will then be made with the nurse.

When you attend your appointment, the nurse will talk to you about your destinations and any health risks about going there. Depending on the country, they may recommend a course of vaccinations to protect you. Some vaccinations may require multiple visits and you might not become fully immune straight away so you should plan treatment with plenty of time to spare.

We are able to provide NHS vaccines only.