From 1 October 2018, your GP requested blood tests have been carried out by our own practice. Previously, they were provided by staff from Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (PHT) in line with a number of other practices in the area.

By providing the service in-house, we hope we are able to offer greater access and appointment times that are more convenient to you.

The change has also allowed the local NHS to streamline its community phlebotomy service across the area so that all GP practices offer it in the same way.

There has been no change for patients who have their blood taken at home as part of our domiciliary service.

The new phlebotomy service for GP requested blood tests in Gosport provides daily (Monday – Friday) appointments at the following places:

  • Brune Medical Centre
  • Forton Medical Centre
  • Gosport Medical Centre
  • Lee-on-Solent Health Centre

All Gosport patients may attend any site.

To make an appointment, please contact your own practice to book. Willow Group patients can call 023 8231 1034 or book online through Patient Access.

When attending your appointment, please ensure you bring your blood form with you. We are only able to re-print forms for patients registered with the Willow Group.

PHT will continue to take your bloods at Queen Alexandra Hospital if the request is from a hospital appointment or part of the care you are receiving is there. Hospital staff will be able to tell you the opening hours of the various sites.

If you are asked to have a fasting blood test, please ensure you do not eat for 12 hours before your appointment. You need to drink plenty of fluids to ensure you do not get dehydrated. Plain water is the best option. Tea and coffee without milk, cream, sugar or sweeteners is acceptable. No juice, cordial/squash or alcohol.