New Eye Screening Patient Portal

For those of you who are living with diabetes, you will know it is important to have annual eye screening. The organisation that provides this service has asked us to pass on the following good news:

“We are really excited to announce that our Patients will now be able to book and manage their appointments online via our brand-new Patient Portal. Patients will also have the ability to view their results and images from previous appointments.”

You can access the new portal by scanning the QR Code or by clicking the picture.

You can also download a PDF copy here

Spring Covid Boosters

This year’s Covid Vaccine Spring Boosters will be again provided through the local community pharmacies.

Willow Group is working with the local Covid Referral Team to advise of our eligible housebound patients for visits to be scheduled.

All other eligible patients, should use the National Booking System or the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Covid Vaccination Helpline on 0300 561 0018. The National System will be open from 16 April 2024 with appointments available from 22 April 2024.

Visit Your Pharmacy First!

Most pharmacies are now able to help you with seven common conditions without having to see a GP first. If you have sinusitis, a sore throat, earache, an infected insect bite, impetigo, shingles, or a urinary infection, ask your pharmacist in your local high street.

Pelvic Health Clinic

Our First Contact Practitioners are now hosting new pelvic health clinics for women aged 18 to 60 at all Gosport practices on Fridays based at Waterside Medical Centre. If you are interested, please submit an online consultation to your own practice to arrange.

World Antimicrobial Awareness Week

Fighting infections is natural to us. It may take us a few days, but we get over them without using antibiotics. Using them for viruses like colds and flu will not work because they only work on bacteria. Unnecessary use of antibiotics increases the chance of the bugs becoming resistant.

Here’s a short video to explain what we can do.

Booking Transport for Outpatient Appointments

We have received the following information from South Central Ambulance Service. The booking of transport to hospital outpatient appointments is changing from 1 November 2023 to patient self-booking. Intitially done by telephone but all subsequent appointments can be booked online.

Hampshire & Thames Valley Non- Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS) Update
The Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS), provided by South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS), delivers transport for eligible patients who have a medical reason that means they are not able to travel for treatment by another method.
This poster aims to provide you with the key changes to our service. WHAT’S CHANGING on 1st November 2023 Health Care Professionals will no longer have access to book routine outpatient appointments for patients. You, your relatives, and carers can access to manage the booking process from end to end.
If it is your first use of NEPTS, you will need to book via the telephone and create your record and thereafter the online system will be available.
They will require the following information to set up an account on the SCAS patient hub.
• NHS Number
Patients can book via the online platform up to 20 days in advance but no later than 2 working days before the appointment.
• This platform enables the patient to.
- Place a booking on the system.
- Amend a booking.
- Cancel a Transport booking.
- Obtain an Estimated Time of Arrival
Telephone Numbers
For Patients that do not have access to book via the online platform you may use the following numbers
Hampshire Patient Led Line –0300 123 9833
Thames Valley patient Led Line - 0300 100 0015